Are you frustrated by throwing away unused tubes of Silicone, Caulk, Adhesive, Filler or Foam when you need it most, because it has dried out??

Is the screw in the end of the nozzle stuck in hardened sealant or the tape clogged up??

Fed up with going to the store to replace the hardened tube, wasting your time, money and causing you unnecessary hassle??

Well no longer!! ..Never Waste another Tube again with Sealacone!

Sealacone keeps your tube FRESH, so you can store opened tubes of Silicone, Caulk, Adhesives, Fillers and Foam and reuse them multiple times for up to 2 years (or until you finish the tube!).

“Our Universal fit design can be used with all Nozzle types up to 18mm in Diameter.”


Why waste time going back to the store to replace your dried out tube of Silicone sealant/ Caulk / foam / adhesive? When you can re-use the remaining tube you stored for up to 2 years?  With Sealacone – it should be as good to use after months of storage, than it was when you first used it!


With a Sealacone you can save yourself the expense of buying new each time by using your existing tube of sealant!

SAVES WASTE  (& the Environment!):

No need to throw away your sealant after minimal use!  it is estimated that more than 63% of sealant is left unused after initial use.  An opened tube of sealant can easily ‘cure’ within hours of opening.

Sealacone is specially designed to create an air and water tight seal by using a special flexible silicone compound that eradicates ‘compound curation’ due to atmospheric exposure.  Allowing your Silicone sealant, Caulk, Adhesives, Filler or Expanding Foam to be re-used multiple times over many months of storage (or until you finish the tube!). Saving waste and the Environment.


Keeping it FRESH: 

Your Sealacone is 100% re-useable, keeping your sealant fresh for up to 2 years* (or until the use by date expires) years!

Universal Fitting:

Sealacone is very flexible can be used with a large variety of products with different nozzle types (from 4 to18mm in diameter). 


Our special Silicone compound is very hard wearing and can cope with multiple impacts and abrasion.  Sealacone is also resistant to chemicals and high temperatures.

Easy to Clean: 

Any dried residue remaining in the cone after use can be easily removed by ‘squeezing’ the residue out.

Easy to See:

Sealacone’s translucent design allows you to see if any residue is present and to check the correct fitment.

100% Environmentally friendly:

Sealacone is BPA Free and is 100% Reusable & Recycleable.