Sealacone FAQ’s..


  1. Is Sealacone reuseable?    Yes!  Sealacone can be used time and time again.

  2. Does it work with other sealants – such as roof seal?    Yes, absolutely.  Sealacone can be used with any substance or compound which cures due to atmospheric exposure.

  3. Are they recyclable?  Yes.  100%   Not only that they also stop many wasted cured tubes of silicone and caulk etc going to landfill sites.

  4. Do you have to clean them?  No not necessarily but to get he best results we would recommend that any dirt, or residue be removed before re-use.

  5. Do you sell these in the states?  No not yet, but we hope to bring Sealacone stateside in the coming months.

  6. Can i use the caps for other things?  Yes, of course.  They are designed to keep your sealant fresh until you finish the tube, but there are many ‘life hacks’ that Sealacone is very useful for.  If you find a great alternative use for them, please send us a video and we will post in on the Sealacone Youtube channel.

  7. Do you ship abroad?  We would ask you to buy Sealacone from one of our partners in your country.  Please email us for details.

  8. Can i use Sealacone as a plug instead of a cap to seal a tube?   Yes, you can! The ribbed and flange design allows you to use it as a plug also.

  9. How do i get the trapped air out of the top when fitting?  We have developed a solution to this, but the easiest way currently is to pinch the top of the cap prior to fitting to minimise any trapped air.

  10.  There is a silicone plug at the end of the nozzle after a month of storage. Can this be stopped?  Yes, but it depends on the compound of the sealant you are using.  As there is a very small amount of air trapped when using Sealacone this will aid a small amount of some sealant compounds to cure near the nozzle tip.  Most of these will come out under pressure of a cartridge gun (or can be pulled out), leaving fresh sealant underneath to be used, many times over.  We have do have a solution to this, which is due to go into production shortly.

  11. How do it store the caps?  Anyway you want!  They are incredibly durable, UV, Heat and chemical resistant.

  12. Can i use these for my cake icing gun?  Yes if you wish!  Sealacone is made from a special high grade silicone compound that can be sterilised and used for food applications.

  13.  These are great! you sell larger contractor packs?  No not yet, but this is something we are looking to offer shortly due to demand. Watch this space!

  14. Do you make these in any other colours?  No not yet, but we are planning a small colour range including a  ‘glow in the dark’ option, which is especially useful for contractors who use these on tubes of sealant – kept in the back of dark vans!

  15. Can i stock these in my store?  Yes! Please email us with details.