“Sealacone was simply developed to solve a long standing problem that many people experienced!”

Anyone who has used Silicone sealant, Caulk, Filler, Adhesives, Expanding foam (or anything substance with a nozzle for that matter!), will know the problem…

You will buy a tube of sealant and usually only use a fraction of its contents for the job in hand.   The nex

t time you come to use it, the sealant has ‘gone off’ or cured in the nozzle and usually the cartridge as well.  Which means a trip to the store for a new tube, taking time, causing hassle and costing money!

“Before Sealacone, common ways to attempt solving this issue included inserting nails, screws, wax, cling film, the end of rubber glove etc. NONE of these methods work for long!”


Enter our innovative solution Sealacone!!  Sealacone is universally fitting flexible cap, made from a specially developed silicone compound that creates 100% air and moisture tight seal around a nozzle, significantly extending the life of the sealant once opened.

Not only this but Sealacone is very Stretchable, Heat resistant, Chemical resistant and very Durable.  100% Fully Recycleable and RE-USEABLE!

Sealacone  SAVES you:

TIME, MONEY & HASSLE as well as reducing land fill waste helping the environment.

“We like to think of Sealacone as an innovative little solution helping to save the planet one tube at a time!”





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