NEVER waste another tube again!!

How? Because Sealacone keeps your Sealant FRESH to use time after time!

Saves You Time, Money and Waste!!

Sealacone - Saves you MONEY! Re-use your old tubes of Silicone, Caulk, Foam, Filler, Adhesives and specialist Sealants for many months (up to 2 years) after initial use! Universal Fitting for all nozzle types SAVES waste, time and your ££.

Quality. Flexible and Durable

Made from a special high grade silicone compound, a Sealacone will ensure your nozzle stays airtight and moisture tight in all conditions, keeping the nozzle and tube contents FRESH for re-use. Stretchable and durable. The Original Sealacone

100% Re-Useable and Recycleable

Sealacone is a fully 100% Re-useable and recyclable cap. Saving you Time, Money and Hassle, whilst reducing land fill waste, Sealacone pays for itself time and time again whilst saving the planet one tube at a time!

SEALACONE – allows you to reuse your sealant multiple times and keeps it as fresh as the day it was first used!


SAVES you Time, Money & Hassle.

Universal Nozzle Fitting (up to 20mm)

Works With All Silicone, Caulk, Adhesives, Filler, Expanding Foam, Specialist Sealants & More..

100%  Re-useable & Re-cycleable

Pays for itself time and time again!

What our Customers say..

"Such a simple clever product, that works Brilliantly"
Paul MacKenzie

Paul MacKenzie

Business Owner

What a great little product! I always end up throwing away nearly full hardened tubes of Silicone and Caulk, but now i don't need to. Its also great that this product helps reduce landfill waste. Recommended!

Mike Hewson

Mike Hewson


My Lads love this little cap. It saves us messing about with putting screws in the end of the nozzles to stop them from going off. They save loads of time. I've easily made back the cost many times over already!

Natasha  Piortroisky

Natasha Piortroisky

Freelance Journalist

Thanks you for making my life easier! Sealcone has cleverly solved a problem that we all face. Its saves alot time and money plus my daughter has also found it useful for other things!

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